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My Personal Story, or, How I Lost Weight with HCG Shots and Got Inspired to Help Others

OK, This is my story about why I know this protocol works and how I know that it will help you! 

The truth is, I used to think that overweight people were lazy and undisciplined. I just didn't understand why they would let themselves go.  Why would they do that to themselves??!!

And then I got a belly.  Well, a small basketball was around my waist.  OK, no problem.  I'll simply lose it in a month or two.  Easy enough, right??!!  NO!!  I tried everything to lose the weight.  I did lose it all a few times but in no time at all it just came right back, and then some!!  I didn't understand it.  I was now overweight and could do nothing about it.  I then realized why people 'let themselves go'.  It's virtually impossible to lose this weight!!  I knew it first hand now.
I have a neice that was about 100 pounds overweight.  I just had to find a solution for each of us at the same time.  I found out about the Kevin Trudeau book "The weight loss cure they don't want you to know about".  I read it in 2 days and was so sure that it would work.  I paid about $1600 for us each to do the protocol.  Expensive, but I needed to help my niece, she was getting heavier and heavier by the month and I was worried about her health.  I also wanted to see if it would get rid of my unwanted basketball!!

It worked amazingly!  I lost all 20 pounds that I needed, effortlessly and am now the same weight as when I was in high school.  She lost about 40 pounds effortlessly and felt great and was happier than ever!!
OK, she needed to do it again and now my brother, wife and aunt and 4 friends wanted to do it too.  They could not afford $800 to do it and I paid for my niece but couldn't pay for everyone!!

I found it on the internet for about $100.  It never came.  We lost about $300 doing that.  We ordered again, and finally, after 2-3 months, it arrived in these weird ampules. I then had to buy all of these other supplies and wasted some HCG.   I didn't understand what to do but finally figured it out.  I helped my brother through it.  It was a nightmare trying to put the kit together and have it arrive from overseas!!

At this point, I saw a huge need for a reliable source of HCG with all of the supplies.  People needed to order from one source and get it all together at one time and quick.  That is what this company does now.  We have, working with other vendors, helped thousands through the program successfully and with no side effects.

I have daily calls of people's high blood pressure now normal, diabetes drastically improved, more energy, hormones balanced and much happier!!

It is a very rewarding job to give people this new life.  It changed my life and I look forward to helping you to change yours.  I know that you've tried other things that never work.  I know that it's frustrating.  This has a virtually 100% success rate.

Try it.

It's safe and effective. 

Do more research to ensure that you understand it fully before ordering.  I did and am so much happier for doing so.
That's my story!  I am completely confident that you have a similar success with your personal weight loss!!

I will be your HCG Success Coach through the program.  You can call me or email me anytime for advice and tips.  I'll be there from day 1 until you are your ideal weight!

It will be a complete pleasure to serve you.


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