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Tips On Drinking Water While On the hCG Weightloss Program

Here are some tips and informatiion on drinking water while on the HCG Weightloss program.

The purpose of drinking water is to hydrate the body. However, there are some drinking waters that do not hydrate the body as well as others.

The "quality" of drinking water in various regions of the world vary from spring water pipled into the city such as New York City, which has one of the top rated public drinking water, to other cities who have to bring their water in from long distances to water that sit in reservoirs and have to be "treated" before human consumption.

It is important while on the HCG Weightloss Program or for health benefits in general, that a good brand of bottled water is used and that the body is in fact getting hydrated.

While on the program it is very important that you drink 1/2 - 1 gallon a day, taking care to drink the water throughout the day.

Good hydrating water comes from parts of the world that have been pretty much untouched by man and are pure sources of water with natural minerals.

The suggested bottle waters that have been found to hydrate:

* Fiji
* Evian
* Icelandic